My Story

"Behind the microphone, Cat's seductively rich vocals posses the passion of an incantation, giving Mystery Hangup a brooding aura of mysticism".

~ Gabriel San Roman, OC Weekly Music

"As a little kid, teachers would ask "what do you want to be when you grow up?" I didn't know what to say, I knew there was something meant for me in this life but I didn't know what it was. I just answered "a teacher" since that was what most of the other kids responses were. But it wasn't until I saw Selena perform on television that it hit me. A burst of life rushed through my body, right then I knew, music would be my life's work and it was what my soul was longing for the whole time".

Cat's distinctive sultry vocal blend of alternative rock, pop, and post-punk is delivered in passionate and powerful vocal tones, capturing her audience and turning first time listeners into instant fans. Her eclectic taste in music ranges from blues to metal and everything in between. Interesting fact, Rock was not her first musical genre.

"When I first started exploring the genres of Rock, fans would compare me to PJ Harvey and Siousxsie Sioux but I had never heard of them. I grew up listening to Mexico's admired artists such as Juan Gabriel, Vicente Fernandez, Rocio Durcal, Magneto, and Luis Miguel.... everything that my parents listened to I listened to.".

Las Chicas de Anaheim was Cat's first band. Formed in her late teens, this Latin band was made up of her and her two sisters. They performed at weddings covering songs from diverse artists such as Selena, Juan Gabriel, Limite, Los Tucanes, Los Tigres del Norte, and Ramon Ayala. What broadened her musical horizon?

"The Cranberries, they turned my world inside out and upside down. I started writing Rock songs in English. My sisters joined me and we formed a Punk Experimental Rock band Mystery Hangup".

Mystery Hangup released their full length album in 2007 titled Three Moons and The Crashing Sun, they organized and successfully completed their U.S. Visionary Sounds Tour that same year, and made it as one of the 6 semi-finalists bands to compete on Si Tv's reality Battle of the Bands show Jammin.

In 2010 Cat joined Alexandro Hernandez in forming an Eclectic Rock band named ¡Aparato!  ¡Aparato! fuses traditional Mexican instruments in a Rock band format. Their unique sound is quickly gaining them attention not just in CA but in other U.S. states such as Texas and New York. CAT is also a vocalist in the Latin Jazz Orchestra The Orquesta Cortez. Cat is not just releasing ¡Aparato!'s album this year but she is also releasing a solo EP.

"I'm really excited for the release of my solo EP. I took a risk in stepping outside of my comfort zone vocally as well as revealing my deepest emotions".

In her upcoming solo EP titled Limonada de Rosas, a musical fusion of Latin,/Alternative, Cat demonstrates her emotional range, tinging her songs with love, loss, and strength.